Seriously; go check it out if you don't believe me...

Also, I just wanted to make a news post to show I'm still around if there's anyone who's fav'd me.

Happy New Year!

2013-01-15 18:24:39 by ThePuzzledBoy

I know it's 15 days past, but better late than never, as they say. ;)

Also, I now introduce my new profile picture for both here on NG and on my deviantART page. (Yes, I am now an official Deviant. Click on this sentence to view it.)


2012-12-01 13:48:39 by ThePuzzledBoy

Just searched YouTube for "youtube poop"....

It returned "about 193,000 results"


Here's a link to the results as of the time you clicked on it... (shortened with the Google URL Shortener)


Hope ya know what the hell it means.......... (I do but I ain't telling ehehehehehehehehe....)
Lata, Hunter


2012-10-26 22:45:04 by ThePuzzledBoy

just making a random news post showing I'm still here. Can anybody gimme help on Flash MX 2004?


Super Bowl Sunday Post!

2012-02-05 16:53:17 by ThePuzzledBoy

So, I would like to admit I haven't done much on Newgrounds recently in terms of uploads, but I am happy about a few things. Jeremy Simms (you know him here on NG as Bigfoot3290) has made a recent post saying he's going to upload a Flash soon, and I've made a comment recently (check it out right here) related to that. Also, I would like to wish everybody in the Newgrounds community luck with their picks for Super Bowl XVVI! Have a good February, a good Valentine's Day, and a good President's Day to you all!

- ThePuzzledBoy

Just wanna let'cha know...

2011-10-28 23:06:53 by ThePuzzledBoy

I'm gonna add some art, which'll be my 1st Newgrounds upload ever! Here's a hint on what it'll look like: Luigi's got some suddenly-reacting bad karma on his skinny rear...

Selfly-proclaimed awesome,

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PPPPPS: That was a lot of "PS"s. Heck, why did I even include this "PS" just to say that that was a lot of "PS"s I've typed?
PPPPPPS: I made this post on a Wii! ...With the Internet Channel! Ha! And they say it's a useless piece of crap... (mostly cause #1: Nintendo doesn't update it to modern standards and #2: it is a useless piece of crap because of #1.)