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Please ignore everything I've done up til 2013-2014. I was young then.

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So... hi.

A lot has frankly happened since I joined NG, to be honest. And after coming back and seeing an animator I loved as a kid basically posting and saying, "Yeah, I got old. Life has gotten boring, and I miss NG from my teen days", I kinda wanted to do something similar. Because, as the old, pessimistic saying goes, "There is no such thing as a truly original product."

So what's happened? To summarize: depression, anxiety, the rollercoaster I swear is trying to rip my heart out called Sonic the Hedgehog, graduation from high school, an abusive father leaving. And those last two were two years ago. And in less than a month from now, I'll be old enough to drink.

Since then, I've just gotten... dulled out. I want to be more creative, I want to actually get into animation. And of course with the ol' Yankee-Tango, and the crap happening over there, Newgrounds feels like a place to go.

Part of stubborn ol' me is still holding out, wanting to make something to post on here that's actually something I can be proud of and not c***ge at. I dunno, Newgrounds has, and still continues to be, a source for some amazing animation, be it original or parody. And once again, so much has happened since I joined; but not just on my end. Flash is being phased out within the next two years, Yankee-Tango has these new-fangled things called algorithyms and demonetization, the 2016 election, controversy after controversy, Vine coming and going, two Tom Green-wannabes infecting the youth that watch Yankee-Tango, some British sci-fi having a female lead now....

Okay, I better stop; I feel like I'm going too far. And I probably am.

So much has gone on with me, the Internet, and it feels weird that I've handled it all, to be honest. (Or at least, tried to handle it all -- I'm still in denial over certain things that I'd rather not talk about) Who knows; maybe I'll actually make real content on this site, maybe i won't.

But I stil want to.

TL;DR: Hi, I still exist; I want to make good stuff on here, but I don't know if I ever will.

Life is weird, ain't it?


Stay puzzled,

- Hunter "ThePuzzledboy"

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